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See the section Eventually you will adjust feedin but not so easily and quickly.

See the section on creation of indissoluble communication with the child after Cesarean section on page Premature child To premature children special leavin a good food and a lump a fort are required.

Here a case when feeding mothers especially win.

The last achievements in nursing of newborns increase your chances to come back home with the healthy child, but they, rescuing the child, delete from it mother.

You need to become one of members of a brigade of medical care.

Under my supervision in hospital were Sue and her premature son Johnathan.

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Power of soul

Power of soul The informal relations with the chief, the senior men living in the neighbourhood, the male teachers at school, trainers, uncles and grandfathers can be other replacement.

When such relations arise, mother and the father fade into the background and the world if only the boy finds in it the purpose and the road to it becomes the main thing.

Power of soul Go the own way, or you on it will drag.

From Charles Jung We quite often are surprised, when the boy who has tested all worst in life poverty, the violence, difficulties grows and gives the life for others.

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Are dangerous

Are dangerous There are some more preparations , , , , , etc.

which oryr to have collateral effect on the child.

Are dangerous also , caffeine, atropine, , analginum, , aminazine, , Senna and other laxatives, soda, .

AIYA IYA AND THE ARTIFICIALFEEDINGWhen it is necessary to use substitutes of female chest milkFirst, when mother for any reasons has no milk agalaktiya or it not enough gipogalaktiya.

Secondly, when children do not transfer parent milk at one on it an allergy, at otherslack of lactose the enzyme digesting dairy sugar k.

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What could

What could Typical scene you are called by tutors for work or the child comes home with a note informing that louses are found in it.

Your first reaction bewilderment But at us it is pure! in a combination with regret Now the child is compelled to be at home, and I to leave work and all because of any foolish louses.

What could happen First of all, hardly louses are brought from your house.

On the contrary, they live in warm, crowded rooms it, for example, a school class or kindergarten where easily creep from one head on another when children potter together.

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Grain semolina

Grain semolinaPORRIDGE THE SEMOLINA DAIRYIn boiling milk with a thin stream m semolina, stirring slowly, to cook minutes on weak fire, at the end of cooking to add sugar.

Before giving on a table to fill with butter.

Grain semolina milk ml, water.

ml, sugar butter g.

PORRIDGE SEMOLINA WITH CARROT JUICE To cook dairy cream of wheat, to put in it sugar, butter and when it r will cool down, to pour in carrot juice with pulp, to stir.

Grain semolina milk ml, water ml, juice carrot ml, sugar butter g.

PORRIDGE SEMOLINA WITH APPLES OR FRUIT MASHED POTATOES From the sifted semolina to cook on milk porridge.

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